Where does Natalie stand?

Natalie Younes, the LibDem Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) for North Northumberland, has set out a clear vision of a fairer deal for the people in our area. Natalie said "It's simple, I just want every local resident to be listened to so that we can start solving problems together. A lot of things need improving but for me it's about caring communities with a genuinely "green heart". I have 3 key policy priorities: number one is confronting the cost of living crisis with a fair deal for families, fair prices for farmers, and the supermarkets playing a much fairer role too. Policy two is my "Green Heart" theme which is vital to building a fair future for our children by combatting the climate emergency with government action not words. Policy three is a fair deal for local communities in basic services like health, transport, and education."

Burglary Response Guarantee

Guarantee that all burglaries will be attended by police and investigated.

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Stand up for Carers

Carers do a remarkable and important job.

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Give NHS staff the right to stay

People who have served our country in the NHS should be welcome to live here.


Meet Natalie Younes

I am overjoyed to be chosen to be the PPC for the Liberal Democrats for the North Northumberland constituency in the upcoming General Election. I hope to meet as many voters as possible in the months ahead.

I originally qualified in law and was called to the bar. I spent time working in social welfare law defending people in housing repossessions and fighting welfare appeals. I moved into the NHS and spent time in primary care, mental health, acute and system working, and more recently moved into consultancy.

I decided to stand with you in this fight as I have had enough of the poor decision making, and the ineffectiveness and waste of resources from this Conservative governement. I want better for my children, for my family and friends, and for you. I am worried about the climate and what world the young are going to inherit, and rather than complain I need to work towards a better future. 

I can be contacted by email at natalie4northnorthumberland@gmail.com

Natalie Younes

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Liberal Democrat Leader Ed Davey has unveiled a new ‘Tory Removal Service’ campaign poster, as he announces a new plan to force a General Election and stop Rishi Sunak clinging on to power.

3 Jan 2024